Happy, happy, happy

I had no idea that my book would be translated so quickly. Kindle has translated it into German. Last week it sold 107 copies in other countries. I know that 107 copies is not much but I am happy. It would help if you guys would give reviews on Amazon and LIKES on the you tube video. Call Me Sergeant Rock.

Thank you all



An author is not suposed to be political

I am very new to the literary world. Authors and publishers tell me not to get involved in our government. The heck with that. I have something to say about this Gov Shutdown. IF THE CONGRESS, THE SENATE, THE PRESENT AND ALL THE OFFICIALS WERE NOT GETTING A PAY CHECK DURING THE SHUT DOWN, I THINK THEY WOULD GET SOMETHING DONE. If you agree go to my blog and leave a message.

Survivor of Vietnam John Buckney of the 196th Light Infantry Brigade

I, Dan Rodgers received 10 books in the mail today. I knew that I was supposed to autograph them but I did not know where to send them. This afternoon I received a letter from John Buckney with a list of 10 survivors from Vietnam. I am going to sign the books and mail them to these guys from the 196th. Many of them are in the book, but with different names. This made me feel very honored.