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Yes Chuck is still alive

Many have asked if Chuck and I are still friends. Yes we are very good friends. We talk about once a week. How could you not stay in touch with someone that saved your life more than once.


I am still new to all of this.

I cannot believe all that has been happening to me since my book was published. I am still the same o’ guy that loves my family, the outdoors, racing camping and going to the lake. I received a call a few minutes ago from The Tribune newspaper wanting to interview me tomorrow. I hope I don’t say anything stupid.

Another good thing is Kindle Ebooks has translated my book into another 5 languages. German, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian,Spanish and some place called Estonia. There are other places but I can’t spell the names you know like #*##+ and all of that. It’s Chinese to me. ha lol.

Thank you