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Yes Chuck is still alive

Many have asked if Chuck and I are still friends. Yes we are very good friends. We talk about once a week. How could you not stay in touch with someone that saved your life more than once.


THE 50s

Don’t you guys and gals that lived in the 50s think it was a simpler and better time? Our kids and grand kids will never know how great it was.

I am still new to all of this.

I cannot believe all that has been happening to me since my book was published. I am still the same o’ guy that loves my family, the outdoors, racing camping and going to the lake. I received a call a few minutes ago from The Tribune newspaper wanting to interview me tomorrow. I hope I don’t say anything stupid.

Another good thing is Kindle Ebooks has translated my book into another 5 languages. German, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian,Spanish and some place called Estonia. There are other places but I can’t spell the names you know like #*##+ and all of that. It’s Chinese to me. ha lol.

Thank you