Yes Chuck is still alive

Many have asked if Chuck and I are still friends. Yes we are very good friends. We talk about once a week. How could you not stay in touch with someone that saved your life more than once.


One thought on “Yes Chuck is still alive

  1. Hi Dan,
    Don’t know if you’ll read this or not, not sure how to contact you. I was army infantry at end of Vietnam, never went there, went to Berlin instead. Wanted you to know that your book is the best Vietnam book I’ve ever read. I so appreciated your Christian witness and exclusion of profanity (though it reads kinda awkward because I “know” what your paraphrases really meant! Ha ha!). I’m proud to call you my brother in Jesus though I’ve never met you and appreciate your godly leadership example, your sacrifice and faithfulness to Jesus, your wife, your 11 bravo brothers and our country. May Jesus continue to richly bless your life and all you do. Thanks again for the great read, Mike Lockwood

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